• Fishing The Henrys Fork.... First Test


    All the books written on fly fishing all mention the Henry's Fork.

    They say you owe it to yourself to fish the Henry's Fork, at least once in your life.

    As far as scenery goes--they are right. The river around Last Chance is a high mountain meadow meandering stream. The backdrop of the Tetons to the east, and the lodgepole pine covered hills, make you feel like like you are standing in a Trout Unlimited calendar. July looks good!! It is quite wadable and fisherman friendly. It is all "catch and release"-so I guess it makes it quite fish friendly also. The guidebooks also say that when a hatch comes off--you better match it exactly, otherwise these fish will ignore your bugs and turn your evening into a casting session.

    My evening was a nice little casting session.

    At least I had the calendar backdrop to look at.

    None of the bugs I tied on worked, and when I cast right in front of the "fish rings" and drifted over them, it was like a game of find the trout.

    Ring here--cast, ring over there. Ring there--cast, ring over here.

    It's as if the fish were screwing with me and I hate it when fish screw with me!

    The fish laughter was great as I finally threw in the rod for the evening. I turned to give the fish a dirty scowl, but they all just sat there whistling like it wasn't them laughing.


    At this point I might as well have been fishing the O. Henry, at least there I might get a Gift of the Maji.

    A big beautiful full moon lit the way back to my Mongolian roundhouse, where I drowned my sorrows in a big juicy "Flintstone sized" Bronto-burger.

    Tomorrow would be different.

    to be continued....

    A. J. Klott


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