• Social Robotic Fish in Fish Farms


    We have a problem in our fish farms, especially Salmon. You see for 500 plus million years the Salmon spawn up river and then swim down to the ocean grow real big and swim all the way back and lay their eggs. It is a great cycle indeed. It works for them and very well. Unfortunately for them they taste very good to us. We in fact have been over fishing them and they are one of California's favorite Sushi fish. Yep, I myself agree, more salmon please.

    When we put them in fish farms to grow they do not get the exercise they need to grow big and strong, so we need to give them exercise to fulfill their genetic needs and desires and to grow big and strong. It is what makes them a Salmon. Putting them into a giant swimming pool and feeding them steroids until they get fat is not working and will only introduce weakness and disease into their populations and into our food supplies. This is pretty well known and obviously makes sense. Of course some say with the over fished oceans, pollution and the coastal dead zones they are not doing so hot anyway. True enough.

    I propose a more realistic recreation of their journey to the sea to they can fulfill their genes and I propose we introduce to their populations social robotic fish, similar to the RoboTuna and RoboFish at the top robotics lab; MIT.

    http://web. mit. edu/towtank/www/Tuna/tuna. html

    http://worldthinktank. net/wttbbs/index. php? s=b750cdc0ba05495ac3fa44f271e165a6&showtopic=434

    By introducing robotic fish into their populations we can modify their behavior to exercise and become strong and healthy and promoting their genetic best. Otherwise we introduce weakness into the population and ruin the sushi. Think about it; do you want to eat sickly fish or healthy fish?


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