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    Brook Trout: Frequently gullible, yet extremely tasty, BrookTrout are wonderful trout to fish for - especially since theyfrequently inhabit the most beautiful stream settings in the U. S.

    Brook Trout live in clear, cold waters. Due to the cold watersand the fact that Brook Trout live a shorter life generally thanrainbow and Brown Trout, Brook Trout usually do not grow nearlyas big.

    Today, most of the best Brook Trout fishing is no longer foundout East.

    The cold, clear water that Brook Trout prefer no longer existslike it use to. Instead, Brook Trout are mainly found in theWestern United States (mainly due to transplanting) in the colderrivers and lakes of the Rocky Mountains - especially in higherlakes that often require hiking to reach. Canada also continuesof provide excellent fishing for Brook Trout, while Argentina isnow also home to some of the worlds' largest Brook Trout.

    Brook Trout are also small due to another factor - over planting. Brook Trout have been so extensively planted in many lakes andstreams that there are starting to be too many of them. Thisovercrowding often leads to stunted growth. Of course, the plusside of this is that these small Brook Trout are extremely easyto catch and they taste good, too! Of all the trout in the world, for the angler who absolutely must take home some fish at the endof the day, taking home some Brook Trout is a good way to satisfythe palette without compromising the overall fishing quality.

    The Brook Trout is a beautiful fish. It's sides and back consistof various shades of gunmetal gray, with highlights of orange, red and cream spots. The fins of a Brook Trout also have a whiteedge around them and during spawning season, the bottom of theBrook Trout turns a beautiful orange-red color.

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