• Fly Fishing Secrets for the Novice as Well as the Seasoned Angler


    Perhaps the most rewarding element of fly fishing is the varietyof beautiful natural surroundings in which anglers often findthemselves; a secluded stream up in the mountains, a peacefulmeandering river deep in the forest, or a tranquil blue lakesomewhere out in big sky country. For some, it may be theopportunity to test ones' individual skill against nature - in anintricate game of cat and mouse (but in this case, man againstfish.) These are just some of the compelling reasons why manythousands of people enjoy the challenges of fly fishing everyyear.

    For beginning fly-fishermen, however, learning fly fishing can bedifficult.

    We have compiled this e-book to give anglers, especially newanglers, some guidance on how to get the most out of the excitingsport of fly fishing. While there are many other resourcesavailable about fly fishing on the internet, few of them touch onthe techniques, tactics and strategies commonly used in flyfishing. If these topics sound interesting, then you're in theright place because this e-book was written just for you.

    We'll explore in detail the various fish most people fish for, we'll cover casting basics, how to read the water, how to takecare of your gear, how to tie knots, dry flies, and fly lines. We'll also explore hatches, cover insect entomology and much, much more. In short, this e-book will teach you everything youalways wanted to know about fly fishing! (maybe even more thanyou've ever wanted to know)

    Fly Fishing: Trout & Their Habitat

    Successful fly fishing involves lots of things, including havingthe proper fly fishing gear, using the right flies, being able tocast correctly, and many more little things that often determinewhether a fly fishing adventure is successful or not. However, one thing that many anglers frequently neglect to learn about isthe fish that they are fishing for.

    A strong knowledge of the various types of trout is of criticalimportance. Knowing more about the various types of trout thatyou are fishing for, their habits, tendencies, andcharacteristics, can help tremendously in improving your catch.

    In our next article we have covered the primary types of trout, their senses, and other important traits unique to each variety.

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