• On The Road...With Jack Karpawack


    Jack Karpawack here.

    I've taken to the road...

    Life can be simple, and life can be hard on the road, but mainly it just makes your butt hurt having to drive so far to pursue the call of the fish.

    I'd like to say I am in some hip chic coffee house this morning, getting a pulse on the urban mainstream here in Twin Falls Idaho, but......

    ......I'm writing from a not so cheap motel-because free internet access doesn't come cheap-ya know. (And my wife and daughter wouldn't have it any other way)Specifically, I'm writing from the bathroom, since for some reason it's the only place I can "log on".

    On my way to the Henry's Fork river in Idaho. Yes, the famous one. It's a little early for prime time fishing on the Henry's Fork, but with a trip to Yellowstone planned, I just had to see what all the broo-ha is all about. I may even get a few casts on the Madison, but if I do, it will probably be one of those "drive by" fishing attempts, that only help you strike up a conversation in a bar somewhere. "Yeah, I fished the Madison once up in Yellowstone."

    Anyway, if I can find or poach access to the internet on this trip I will give you an "on the road" report from the Henry's Fork. Of course, it may be tough to log on from a Yurt up in the mountains of Idaho!!If not, well, I will give you the recap when I get back from the trip.

    Not much to report yet.

    Just the usual racing over other trout filled streams between Southern Oregon and Twin Falls. Driving by rivers and wondering what kind of fish are in there. Mentally casting a line into a riffle that looks good at seventy five miles an hour, and YOU KNOW has a monster 25 inch Rainbow in it!!

    It's easy to be a good fisherman at seventy five miles an hour.

    Well, it's time to go, no time to write, got to get license and build up the local economy with some misguided purchases of flies."Give me a couple of those Henry's Specials a couple of those Henry's Pale Morning Duns, a couple a..."

    The evening's hatch awaits and I still have miles to go before I cast!!

    Until then, watch out, because I may be mentally casting behind your car...at seventy five miles an hour....


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