• Some Things You May Not Know About Luring Fish In The Night


    Night fishing is becoming more and more popular recently, and for good reason.

    Not only do you get cooler temperatures, less competition and congestion for the best areas, but there are also many more opportunities for bigger catches.

    When it comes to night fishing, do you need special bait?

    Yes and no. Depending on where you go, you may need to adjust the colors of your lures and plastics. In general, many fishermen like to use heavier tackle at night because it is easier to 'feel' the lure. Also, by using stronger equipment, it will be easier to land the bigger fish you will come across at night.

    Here are a few lures you may want to try next time you are out at night:

    - Hair or rubber jigs - 3/8 ounce or heavier
    - Spinnerbaits.
    - Poppers and wobblers topwater lures.
    - Plastic worms.

    We have found when using topwater lures, our best success is with black and deep purple lures. For other lures, we have the best luck with dark, non-black colors (red/purple/brown).

    Of course, you will need to test various lure colors at your favorite fishing spot. Not all colors work at all times and at all places. Just take a handful of different colors with you until you see the one that works best where you are.

    As obvious as that sounds, you would be surprised at the people who "read somewhere" that black lures work best at night for example, so that's all they pack for their trip. If they come home empty handed, they blame the person who gave them the advice. That is why it is a good idea to listen to others for advice, but also use a little common sense at the same time.

    Another quick tip since we are talking about lures...

    Single hook lures are usually a good idea to prevent tangles when fumbling around with rods and reels in the darkness.


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