• Choosing the Right Fly Fishing Rod


    Choosing a good rod is a major decision for the fly fishing angler. Shopping for that new rod can also be allot of fun. But how do we know what the right rod is? Here are some tips to help you make your purchasing decisions.

    Fly rods are about the action, casting speeds, weights, and many more factors. You generally want a soft or slow casting rod. Softer is often better because the line will land in the water with less impact. The faster your rod is the harder the impact.

    You need to purchase a rod that suits the type of fishing you do. If your into bass fishing you will need a strong rod and one that's longer. Fishing for more active fish will generally require a much stronger and longer rod.

    Shorter rods are great when your around trees and objects. You need a much shorter length in order to avoid getting caught in objects.

    If you like to fish where there is lots of action and rough waters your going to need something that is much heavier. This will provide a much faster casting speed. The only problem with this is that its not beginner friendly. If your new to fishing start by fishing for small fish in a calm environment.

    These are just some beginner tips for choosing the right rod. Remember to ask the stores sales person when buying your rod. If you plan on buying one online most stores have guides to help you with your decision. Don't be afraid to email them with a question either. Most online stores will be happy to respond.


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