• Get Ready For Bed....Bedding Bass That Is!


    It's getting near the time bass will be on their beds. Not just any bass, but trophy size bass in Ohio. So, what are you going to use to catch those lunkers? Big baits of course! Well, not really. While large baits do catch big bass, sometimes they scare them away or intimidate them. That is when finesse baits come to play.

    You can throw a finesse bait on the bed and the bass won't be intimidated at all. Matter of fact, he is probably thinking to himself, "I can take that little bitty thing". Also small baits don't stir up the bedding and bottom like bigger baits do. That doesn't mean you have to use light tackle, you can even use a flippin stick with finesse baits. I usually use the biggest weight line I can get by with even 25 pound test and a bullet weight. If there is a chance she could get entangled in cover near by, you will be glad you have the heavier line to horse them out with.

    You want to experiment! Try throwing a big lure a few times on a bed, if that doesn't work, go to a finesse bait. You can try the finesse bait first and cast it a few times then try a larger bait. My point is different lures and techniques work at different times. Try a little lighter line if there's not much cover near by.

    What has worked for me more than anything is finesse baits. If I see a bed, I use little baits and wiggle the lure or hop it. You will find these little baits stay on the bed longer too. Try a bright color so you can see the lure and see when a bass moves it.

    One thing I would like to ask everyone.......please don't keep these bedding bass. If you catch a trophy, measure it and get a replica made. They are going to have young and that will mean more great fishing for all of us. I read a long, long time ago that only 1 out of every 100,000 eggs ever makes it to an adult bass.

    Try the finesse baits and send me a picture of the bedding bass you catch. I'll share it with everyone that visits our website in our picture section.

    Good Fishing To You!


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