• Night Boat Fishing Checklist


    Boat Fishing At Night Checklist

    Here is an easy checklist of items you will need before you head out for a night fishing trip.

    ** Two Flashlights with new batteries in each.

    -Sure enough, one of those flashlights is not going to work when you get out on the water. Of course, this usually happens when you only have one flashlight with you.

    ** Pair of needle nose pliers

    -Since it is harder to see your line at night than during the day, you have a greater chance of hooking the fish deeper than usual with the delayed reaction time. The pliers will make your life much easier in these cases.

    ** Insect repellant

    -A good mosquito repellant is critical to your sanity on the water. We have used "Skin-so-soft" by Avon and I think it works the best out of any of them. Anything with deet is better than nothing at all.

    ** Plenty of lures, line, extra rod & reel, etc

    -This is an obvious one.

    ** Extra fuse for the boat.

    -If you blow a fuse out on the water and your boat lights go out, you could be in trouble.

    ** Blacklight

    - Using a blacklight with a clear blue fluorescent line will really help you see those hits faster.

    ** Spare boat battery

    - Running all of those lights, blacklights, etc can put a strain on your battery. Better safe than sorry.

    ** First Aid kit

    - Whether you end up with a snake bite or get hooked by your buddy's cast, you will need proper medication, Band-Aids and peroxide, etc.

    ** Cell Phone

    - Although sometimes you may find it difficult to get a good signal on the water, a cell phone can literally save your life if you get into trouble.

    There are many other things you should pack for your trip. These are just some of the bigger items we have found useful in the past.


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