• Fishing The Henrys Fork....With Jack Karpawack


    Jack Karpawack here.

    Well, as I suspected, there was no high speed internet available from my "YURT" on the Henry's Fork. So, I am back in the friendly confines of Southern Oregon ready to give you some recent fishing reports from the famed Henry's Fork of the Snake River...

    ...Pulled into Last Chance, Idaho on Monday afternoon. A hot and dry July 18th.

    An extensive search of the "nine or so" existing businesses in Last Chance, left me in quite a quandry. Or was it a quagmire?? I'm not sure.


    Which of the four fly fishing/ outfitter shops should I go into first for information, a license, and a lightening of my wallet. Actually, it was five choices if you count the general store==or six if you count the "Angler's Lodge - which also has a fly shop. Heck, who knows the restaurant and the remaining businesses may have carried fiahing gear also!!

    At least my keen sense of business tells me that a fish or two must have been caught in this area. Either that, or the largest black market fly tying operation is run out of this "bump in the road" here in Idaho.

    Like "Goldilocks" I look at one shop and decide it is too hot! (large) Another is too cold! (has the Orvis name and a yuppie feel to it) The other is juuust right! --O. K.-- I know that leaves a couple other shops, but stick with me here-- it's just a story cowboy!!

    I wander in and it feels right--small and unassuming--nothing to intimidate me so far.

    "Hi, can I help you."

    Now that's a good start.

    "Yes, I need to get a license, some info, and some flies."

    "In exchange. you may have this wallet stuffed with twenty dollar bills."

    "Fair enough." said the young employee.

    "How's the river fishing?" I ask, waiting for the usual - 'we are knocking them dead' reply.

    "Actually, kinda slow. A few fish in the early morning and some hatches coming off late in the evening."

    "How about Henry's Lake?"

    "Bigger fish-but about the same."

    "O. K., well how about giving me about half a dozen patterns to try on the river, and a couple patterns for the lake."

    He is more than happy to do this, and gets me set up with a couple different leeches for the lake, and some rubber legs and bead headed droppers for the river. I have plenty of different sizes of pale morning duns, caddis and callabaetis patterns, so I am pretty set for and drys in the evening. He tells me that the railroad ranch is fishing pretty good in the evening and that Box Canyon is the place I should try some nymphing in the morning. He even points out a spot on the map for me!

    Now that's service.

    I am feeling pretty good as I head for the door with minimal damage afflicted on my bank account, and more information than I expected to get--but then I spot the 40% off rack.

    Seventy-five dollars later, I am back in my truck heading for my first rendevous with the famed Henry's Fork...

    To be continued...

    A. J. Klott


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