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    Small stream nymphing is a very productive form of fly fishing. At times, you will not rise a fish to a dry fly. Yet there arefish feeding actively below the surface. So, you put the fly(nymph) to the fish.

    Nymph fishing is probably the most challenging of all fly fishingtechniques. Since the fly is underwater and is often extremelysmall, nymph fishing can test the abilities of any angler, andoften leaves the beginner angler extremely frustrated. Yet, theability of having a good nymph fishing technique is essential forproductive trout fishing. The reason for this is simple - mosttrout have a diet that consists primarily of sub-surface insects(nymphs). An angler who does not know how to nymph fish will begreatly limited on where they can fish and what they use.

    This ebook will hopefully provide some information for any anglerwho is in search of how to improve their nymph fishing abilitieswhile fly fishing.

    While this book provides more information than any other resourceon the Internet about fly fishing with nymphs, ultimately, theonly way to learn this technique is to go out and do it. Frominitial frustrations will come mastery over time. What exactly is Nymph Fishing?

    Let's start at the basics. Nymphs are, as defined by theMeriam-Webster dictionary : "any of various immature insects;especially : a larva of an insect (as a grasshopper, true bug, ormayfly) with incomplete metamorphosis that differs from the imagoespecially in size and in its incompletely developed wings andgenitalia"

    In everyday terms, nymphs are aquatic insects that are still intheir underwater stage, as in not yet having reached their adult, or flying stage of life. One thing worth remembering is that, ifyou enjoy dry fly fishing, all the flies you see on the water areadult insects. These insects have "grown up" from theirunderwater stage and have taken to the air for their matingrituals. In essence, dry fly fishing involves using flyimitations that involve imitations of the adult aquatic insect(such as a mayfly, caddis fly or stonefly). By contrast, whennymph fly fishing, the angler attempts to imitate the younger, underwater stage of these exact same flies.

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