• Gear Needed for Fishing with Nymphs


    Now that we've covered what nymph fly fishing is all about, let'snext take a look at what sort of fly fishing gear you're going toneed to do it. While nymph fly fishing uses pretty much the samegear you use when dry fly fishing, there is a few small itemsthat any successfully nymph fisherman will want to have. Theseitems are strike indicators, some small weights, and a good pairof fly fishing sunglasses.

    Strike Indicators for Nymph Fishing

    First, you will need some strike indicators. Strike indicatorsare generally bright orange, ungodly looking things that get puton your leader well above the fly or on the fly line itself, atthe junction of the fly line and leader. These strike indicatorsare what you look at when nymph fishing - not the fly itself. With practice and patience, you'll eventually be able to tellwhen "unnatural" movements occur in the strike indicator - whichmost likely indicates that a fish just took your nymph flyimitation.

    Exactly where to put the strike indicator is a matter of somedebate, but ultimately boils down to what you are fly fishing forand where you are doing it. Wary Brown Trout in heavily fishedwaters, like the Missouri River, are not likely to be real wildabout seeing a bright orange object just a few feet above thefly. On the other hand, more gullible trout or trout that receiveless fly fishing pressure could probably care less about it. Inshort, use your judgment, erring on the side of caution (placingthe strike indicator as far away from the fly as possible, foryour abilities).

    Small Weights for Nymph Fishing

    The second thing you'll need for many rivers will be some smallweights to add to your fly line or leader. In many, if not mostnymph fly fishing situations, a floating line is still used. However, to get the fly down to the depth you want it to go willrequire weighting it (at least in faster water).

    This is best done with the newer "twist on" non-toxic weightsthat are now available. Using these types of weights, an anglercan put on as much or as little weight as needed to bring the flydown to depth, while at the same time preventing the fish frominhaling toxic lead (which can kill them).

    Should you plan on fishing in really deep or fast rivers whereeven a weighted leader will not get the fly down to depth fastenough, then you will also want to look at investing in asink-tip fly line. Sink-tip fly lines have the tip of the flyline weighted to sink, thus allowing it to sink the nymph flymore quickly.

    Fly Fishing Sunglasses for Nymph Fishing

    Another item of heavy importance is a good pair of polarizedsunglasses. It's absolutely imperative that you be able to seethe strike indicator, and polarized sunglasses are very effective for this.

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