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    If you're coming to experience Hawaii sport fishing, youhave one heck of an adventure awaiting you! Anglers from allover the world journey to these deep blues waters teemingwith trophy fish. This is where you come to get the bigones. In fact the biggest fish ever caught on rod and reelwas a blue marlin caught just off Oahu, weighing in at ahefty 1805 lbs.! Hawaii is so legendary among sport fishingenthusiasts that several "big-game" tournaments are heldhere every year, including the granddaddy of them all, theHawaiian International Billfish Tournament, luring fishermenfrom all over the globe.

    Booking your Hawaii sport fishing adventure is easy. Thereare literally hundreds of charter fishing boats operatinghere, offering you a ton of choices. Some things to keep inmind would be to consider how long you'll want to be out. Most offer half or full day trips, but also know that of youwant the best chance at hooking a big-game fish, a longertrip may be called for to give yourself time to get to thebest fishing grounds and keep your line in the water awhile. No experience or fishing license is required, and should youhook a trophy fish, taxidermy can be arranged. Come andexperience Hawaii sport fishing and come home with a littlesomething for that bare wall!


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